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Leadership Training

I offer onsite group training tailored to your agency needs. Inspiring and supporting new and inexperienced supervisors is the most rewarding for me, as they generally are excited, open to learning and walk away with new ideas and implementation plans. I also work with seasoned leaders for whom training can be energizing as they network, refine and validate their leadership style, thereby increasing their engagement and commitment to the agency mission and goals.

Writing Services

I offer a variety of writing services to meet your business and personal needs. Authentic, persuasive and intentional writing influences whether the reader feels like they know who you are, and thereby trust and like you. Click Below to Read More about the services available.  If you have a more specific need that is not identified, please Contact Me to discuss if I am able to provide that service.

Marketing Services

Social Media Management takes time - your most precious commodity!  Use my graphics creativity and word talents, freeing you to address those other pressing tasks and demanding projects.  Let's discuss your social media marketing strategy and how I can help you improve your brand recognition to increase credibility and sales!  Or, perhaps you need presentation slides in PowerPoint or Google Slides? I will present your idea, data, proposal, training, etc. in a visually captivating, persuasive and/or informative manner. 

Have other marketing needs?  Contact me to discuss your specific needs and determine if it is a service I can support.

What People Are Saying

“Because of the interpersonal skills and management strategies I learned directly from Diane, I am able to deal with and positively turn around difficult employee situations.” AR

“Your presentations are an asset to our company! Comments were made by the audience on how direct, easy to understand & compact your lecture was, with focus on the important parts.  I admire your work.  Thanks for doing a wonderful job!” TM

“Diane is an outstanding leader as well as a highly skilled negotiator and impressive writer and researcher.  She has inspired colleagues and employees to reach for new levels of excellence.” MJ


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7 Step Delivery of Constructive Feedback

Constructive Feedback Delivery

Leaders in employment settings inevitably have a need to offer constructive feedback. Although, the manner in which the individual responds to our coaching will depend largely on the person’s perception and personality, comparative to our perspective and …

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