Teamwork is based on a foundation of respect.  A mutual connection that anchors and drives.  Without this foundation, teamwork flounders.

With a reducing workforce, teamwork is critical for the success of businesses.  This workforce shortage is prompted, partially, by the aging baby boomers retiring, and younger generations choosing to raise smaller families. Thus, our reliance of co-workers and leadership working together as a team is more crucial than ever before.  Effective teamwork enhances productivity, efficiency, and quality.  Therefore, when employees feel supported by peers and their leaders, commitment, loyalty and longevity are enhanced as they feel valued and energized.  This is what we want to strive for!

How can this be achieved?  Common-Sense prevails in many areas of life, and it certainly applies to teamwork!


1.  Availability


Being there when we are needed.  On Clean the Office Day, roll up our sleeves as we stow our title into our back pocket or briefcase, and pitch in!  Thus, regardless of our position or our sex, contribute as an equal and fully engage with the entire team.  Demonstrate that we care about their time and we respect them enough to do what they do.  Do not set ourselves above them!  Similarly, this carries over into all facets of their jobs, not just the periodic clean the office event. Be visible and know that our mere presence and willingness to contribute provides energy & motivation.                        

2.  Recognition                                                                                                            

Recognizing and engaging our co-workers.  When we meet persons that we know, it helps to acknowledge them with a greeting.  If we encounter teammates we have not yet met, we ought to introduce ourselves and attempt to learn something about them.  When we see them again, then greeting them by name will be meaningful. Also, recalling a tidbit we learned – showing them we were listening is impactful.  These efforts prove we care, and that we value and want to know them. This provides an enhanced connection between us and a willingness to work together.                                                                    

3.  Appreciation                                                                                                                         

Showing our appreciation; good manners truly are worth gold.  Often, manners our parents taught us in childhood get a little dusty during high school and forgotten about during our college years. Now is the time to practice and polish them so they are effortless yet meaningful!  Therefore, those magic words like “Please, Thank You, Great Job! You are the Best! Fantastic work!”  have so much value, they cannot be ignored.

Visual and tangible items, regardless of the value, are powerful.  It can be as simple as a handwritten card affirming their uniqueness, a cup of Caribou, a blooming flower,  a favorite song or recommended book, or the standby – lunch. Certainly, this is a situation where the item itself is of less importance than the gesture and effort.  

Knowing that someone cares and appreciates our contributions holds a value that is difficult to be measured.   It does, without a doubt, enhance commitment, energy, loyalty and longevity!                                                       

Teamwork is a word often tossed around as a key job responsibility in interviews, orientation training, and at performance reviews.  Undoubtedly, this term means many things to a variety of people.  What are my thoughts about the term, teamwork?

I believe it is the combined inspiration, initiative and motivated efforts within the workforce that can define the team’s ability to be competitive, efficient, competent and happy.  

Other credible resources corroborate my belief.  One example is this article published by the American Management Association regarding building teamwork:  American Management Association article on staff team building.

Common sense practices are the key!  It is our goal and responsibility as leaders to help build an environment that enables teamwork to flourish – for the benefit of each individual on the team, and to encourage growth and stability of the company.

Some resources to support supervisors with creating positive, engaging work environments can be found here within Diane Kubes’ Leadership Circle on the Freebies page. It contains gifts like free greeting cards and assessment tools that helps new leaders today!

To your success!


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Building Teamwork

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