Workbook: Time Management & Goal Setting


21 achievable daily action steps to help with time management. Reach your goals while leading a meaningful life!


This dual time management & goal setting workbook will walk you through one daily action item each day, over a 21 day period to support you with:

  • analyzing where and to whom your time goes, and
  • evaluating what types of changes you may wish to make,
  • planning short, medium and long range goals,
  • creating time freedom, pursuit of dreams or volunteering to serve others.

Feeling satisfaction in where, how and with whom we spend our time and energy can be revitalizing and typically brings us happiness and fulfillment.  Whether you are seeking more balance between your personal responsibilities, your career obligations, or a desire to pursue a life-long dream – this workbook strives to help you focus on your strengths, your relationships, and your routine so that you can improve your life with increased balance, productivity, meaning and happiness.  To Your Success!


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