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It saddens me to frequently see supervisors start key roles with inadequate training, support or coaching. It is unfair to them, and more importantly to the team members whom they are responsible to inspire, empower, validate, guide and support.

I began this online educational business as a resource to meet the needs of new and mid-level managers and supervisors who lack experience and who desire more training and support. It is my mission to offer guidance on developing into a confident and empowering leader that positively influences others by inspiring them to be engaged and enthusiastically contributing to the mission and goals of the business.

You need someone you can trust, right? Someone who has walked the walk & talked the talk.

I have over 30 years of experience working with multi-disciplinary teams, and over two decades as an upper level leader of multiple off-site divisions across 6 metro counties.  I have walked your journey, and was rewarded with progressive advancements and a successful career by employing the skills I teach through my coaching and consultation services.

I also have experience as an entrepreneur, and as a training and marketing director. I have the ability to see the big picture, with a penchant for addressing all those details that can make or break a leader’s success.

My combination of education (Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services Administration and Communication- Writing and extensive first-hand experience will serve you well. You will be given resources for self-assessment, along with a curriculum that will support your growth, personally and professionally.

Let me help you! Leadership requires a commitment to life-long learning & growth.

 Together we can increase the quality of leadership while influencing an engaged, empowered workforce, one team at a time!

To your success!


# off-site divisions I directed simultaneously in 6 counties

# decades of Team Leadership

# decades corporate experience

% time I love helping others learn & grow!

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