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I initially began this online educational business as a blog resource to inspire remarkable leadership. My mission has expanded from my 2014 vision to include teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to quickly, confidently and profitably build a sustainable online business.

You need someone you can trust, right? Someone who has walked the walk & talked the talk.

I like helping busy people -like you! Those that offer initiative and action to get things done. You may be feeling trapped right now in one or more aspects of your life. You want to change your life NOW & get started without wasting time or resources. I know what this is like, and can help!

〉  Professional experience as a training and marketing director

〉  36 years experience in  leadership & business roles.

〉  Entrepreneur with experience in product sales, MLM, online digital marketing & sales strategies, course development & online marketplaces.

I have built 20+ online courses, each ranging from 1 hour to 6 hours, which has served over 1000 students since March 2020.

In short, you can use what I have learned and experimented with – and know works – to launch your online business with confident, profitable success- very quickly!

Let me help you!  Life is short; we need to use our God-Given talents & skills to serve our purpose – and bring happiness to others – and to ourselves. Online businesses offer the ability to do this!

With my support, you can avoid wasting time (one of my biggest pet peeves – just ask my kids!) 🙂  Together, we can move  your new online business from an idea to a profitable, “I did it!” experience that has you realizing that you no longer are trapped, and you can see the untapped potential in yourself and your future.

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To your success!


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