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Diane Kubes Media exists to support you, the business leader, with your dreams and plans for progressive growth. This is possible through authentic conversation with your customers, business associates and employees, as they will know who you are, what you stand for, and begin to like and even trust you – which is the basis of a reputable career and sustainable business.

Marketing your skills and services with compelling copywriting, visual interactive marketing techniques and social media strategies excites me!  Yep!


I get equally thrilled creating and providing tailored training for you and your team on  marketing strategies as well as leadership skills! Strengthening soft skills, communication and organization, and also time management, empowered teambuilding and other essential leadership skills ensures your team can deliver what you have marketed to your customers – which is essential for sustainable business & success as a leader.

Leadership and business success is what you want, right?

I have over 30 years of experience working with multi-disciplinary teams, and over two decades as an upper level leader of multiple off-site divisions across 5 metro counties.  I have walked your journey, and was rewarded with progressive advancements and an enjoyable career by employing many of the skills that I plan to share with you.

Let me help you!

I have witnessed many entry-level leaders begin positions with confusion, fear, insecurity, inadequate knowledge and support. As the labor market experiences a reduced workforce, leaders have increasing challenges.  It is my goal to provide support, positive motivation and training resources that mentor you and your team toward increased confidence, efficiency and competence as a leader.

Let’s chat about communication.

That is a key aspect of leadership – clearly!  Yet, it is also essential for business growth.  Copywriting that speaks to your customer and what they want, along with interactive, visual marketing that increases brand recognition is incredibly valuable and is a skill I offer to you.

Inside Diane Kubes Media you can expect guidance on how to polish your writing and speaking skills, so others listen, understand and follow up.  I share the best ways to communicate to help you achieve the results you desire.

Many leaders are also entrepreneurs.  My content offers support with both marketing and business management skills based on over 3 decades of trial and error.  This is often described as the “best” training – what we glean from just jumping in and learning as we grow! I am here to share that with you.

Let me inspire and support you to become the leader you want to be, while also helping your business to grow!

P.S.  It matters to some, and others not so much… I have a BA degree in Human Services Administration with a Minor Emphasis in Communications.  I have worked with people in the social services industry for over 3 decades. I love helping others & I would love to help you!

To your success!

# off-site divisions I have had responsibility of at one time = Time Management Master!

# years of Leadership Experience = Teambuilding & Communication Trial & Error Practice!

# years Professional Writing Experience = An Avid Creative Writer my Entire Life!

% time I wish I had more hours in a day = I am a night owl & don't need much sleep!

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