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Here are links to some of my favorite resources and tools

This page is devoted to you!  It is set up to support you with resources that complement your continued learning with Diane Kubes Media and tools that you may find useful in your daily work.

I do not recommend any sites unless I have personally used them and/or have familiarity/knowledge of them and know they offer value.  Your trust in me and your success are incredibly important!


The ability to speak confidently and write effectively with succinct clarity, purpose and authenticity is essential.

  •  Grammarly is a Chrome extension that provides tips for improving your writing, and catching errors in your spelling, grammar and style.  This is helpful for leaders, entrepreneurs and students of all ages to support polished, professional writing for all your business needs.  They offer both a free version, and a paid version.
  • Writer’s Digest I have purchased many books and a couple writing courses over the years, to fuel my writing passion.  They offer a tremendous amount of writing resources for both new and inexperienced to more accomplished writers.
  • Toastmasters I have not participated in Toastmasters, but I have personal experience with colleagues and friends that have.  If fear of public speaking or presentations in front of others gets you feeling squeamish with sweaty palms and thumping heart rate, this may be just the resource for you!
  • This is an online reference and tool that creative writers may find value with exploring.  I did purchase a subscription with them.  They have a helpful tool that offers a user friendly interface.

Leadership and Supervision

  • PInterest –   Numerous boards provide continued learning opportunities, online training programs, infographics and inspiration.
  • Small Business Administration – A multitude of resources and information about starting a business, hiring and retaining employees.
  • LinkedIn     Subscribe to various group boards; follow thought leaders – countless articles available.

Graphics and Marketing

Graphics software offers an opportunity to create organizational and time management tools, employee recognition awards, and compelling presentations and marketing materials to promote your business, project or employment hiring advertisements.

** Links with **denote an affiliate link I have included for your convenience, where I am compensated a small compensation, at no added cost to you, for recommending them.

  • **Pic Monkey  Online graphics software. Edit photos and/or create a variety of graphics including social media graphics. I have used Pic Monkey for several years.
  • ** She Bold  Stock Photos and pre-made social graphics. I am in my second year of a membership with her; very generous with volume of photos and attempts to offer a variety of color scheme and varied themes.
  • **Cricut   They have an online design space with countless fonts and designs available for purchase, and they also have machines that will cut those fonts and designs onto a variety of products – not just paper!  So many uses, business and personal!
  • Canva  Online graphics software.  They offer both a free and a paid option, Canva for Work.  I have the paid version so that I can save my brand colors and fonts, etc. for multiple accounts.
  • Pixabay    Stock photo source – no attribution required; all photos are free.  Great variety of photos to select from. In addition to She Bold, this is my main photo source, in addition to my own photos.
  • Unsplash    Stock photo source.  Unsplash also offers a nice variety of free photos.
  • Pexels       Stock photo source.  Another popular source of free photos.

Business Development

Whether you are an established business or a new entrepreneur, having an online presence is essential for success; it offers an opportunity for brand recognition and can enhance credibility.  It provides an outlet for advertising your services or products and garnering new customers through focused efforts for ongoing traffic.

** Links with **denote an affiliate link I have included for your convenience, where I am compensated a small referral commission, at no added cost to you, for recommending them.

  • **Blog & Be Legal – A comprehensive course by a licensed lawyer and blogger, Jackie Stoughton, with Jade & Oak. I found her course to offer value & appreciated her fast paced delivery – I started and completed it in one full Saturday. I also liked that she was both a practicing attorney for 8 years and also a blogger for over 6 years & has an online business.  She walks the talk, so to speak. She offers many free resources also.
  • **Siteground  – My preferred domain registration and website hosting service. They provide outstanding customer service, including migration from old host to new if you have an existing website already that you want to transfer.  The hosting plans offer a substantial reduced rate for the first 3 years; loyalty pays off!  A trusted hosting service with fast, reliable services and responsive, helpful customer service for you; and a perk for me! You can even purchase your domain through them; it was simple and quick for me! Let me know if you need any help or have questions that I can support you to resolve; you may Contact Me here!
  • **  Dare to Conquer  This is an online learning platform focused on blogging, digital marketing and creating an online business.  It  includes an active forum that serves as a Mastermind with incredible support from the founder, Scrivs, moderator Mary Ann, and numerous participants.  There are several threads and there are daily conversations and support.  Scrivs’ goal is for this to be a comprehensive learning site and support with quality, helpful information so that bloggers/business owners would not need to purchase any other courses.  One stop shopping for a one time fee.  He walks his talk, as he runs multiple successful blogs in addition to founding and updating this course.
  • ** Calendar  To be successful in business, organization is essential!  This link will take you to their Planners page.  This is just one of many options on their website, including desk planners and wall planners, many of which you can tailor to your interests. This is just one source among countless other planners available online, but I have found their products to be quality & full of variety for a fair price point and often substantial sales.
  • ** Mailerlite  – An email management service offering free services for up to 1000 subscribers. Paid services begin after that point. They offer full automation and features that allow for effective funnels. The user interface is simple, visual and they offer tutorials to support learning and using their service.  I switched to Mailerlite in June 2019.  I researched many services and decided Mailerlite was the best option for my needs.
  • Mail Chimp – Email management service with both free and paid versions. I used their paid service from 2014 until June 2019  and was happy with their services. Mail Chimp is one of the more inexpensive and reputable services with extensive experience.   They recently changed their features and pricing plans. As a result, the limitations with creating automated funnels no longer met my needs.
  • **Screencastify – This is a screen recorder for you to record your desktop, web cam, etc. – narrate with your microphone. All online-no software needed as it a Chrome extension –  with both Free and Paid versions.  You can record off line and upload to Google Drive or You Tube.  It is very user friendly to learn and use (even I figured it out easily!) Cost:  $0 -$2. per month.  If you choose the premium version, using this link, I will receive $5. (at no additional cost to you.) However, the free version provides great value if you don’t mind the time limits and their logo branding on your finished recording.
  • State Department of Revenue – Educate yourself on tax requirements for your state. This link is to the State of Minnesota.
  • Secretary of State – Information regarding establishing a business name, legal requirements and other business related information – this link will take you to the Secretary of State for Minnesota.  You can simply do a search for your state.
  • **Shareasale Affiliate Program:  Do you recommend various merchants and services to friends and business associates?  Want to earn money for your referral?  Many businesses will pay you a small commission as a thank you for your referral.

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