What I Do

I coach new entrepreneurs to develop the confidence, knowledge and skillset to make their online business vision a reality, while cultivating the business and leadership skills necessary for long-term success.

My Philosophy

I believe we are all on this earth with different God-given gifts. It is our individual duty to cultivate & use those gifts in service to others that makes the world a better place. This has guided my efforts in life, personally and in business.

My Methods

I listen. I show you how to make money online, without overwhelm.  I cut the learning curve down. Are you confused or unsure about your niche, or looking for more clarity?  We start there! There are many ways to make money online – I guide you on the options to help you choose one that aligns with you – then teach you how to do it.

You want tech support, marketing know-how & someone to ask your million+1 questions that your family & friends can’t answer.  I do all that and more while also weaving in corporate business and leadership principles and skills to help you stand out as a leader in your niche, with a busines designed to last.

I share what I have learned over the past 8 years in the online space (spending many several thousands of dollars in the process) to help you set up a business legally, profitably and sustainably, while providing the support and resources needed to help you build a business you are proud of.


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My Goals

Helping you to create a business and lifestyle that brings you joy, and gives you freedom of time – while meeting the financial goals you set for youself, fulfills me! My goal is to guide serious action-taker new entrepreneurs from an, “I want to do that” dream to an, “I am doing that!” reality.  I have spent 4 decades in a career helping others, because that is what fills my soul.

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