What I Do

I help business leaders and owners market their skills & services through authentic copywriting, interactive marketing and enhance brand awareness through social media management. I blog and offer training on business and leadership skills to increase new leaders’ confidence and competence related to personal growth, communication, empowered teambuilding, project and time management, and more. You can check out the BLOG here!

My Philosophy

I believe there are three key factors that assure the success of any business. The first is to feel passionate about your purpose and mission.  Second is to hire quality talent that offers initiative, intelligence and a desire to help others.  Third, the availability of adequate training and support that provides knowledge, resources and positive, nurturing guidance to empower the leader and employee team to thrive with confident competence and creative, innovative productivity.

My Methods

1.  Listen & obtain company information, complete analysis & tailor a strategy directed to meet goals.

2.  Establish achievable deadlines and then meet them.

3.   Focus writing on story & content creation that connects with the audience, promoting trust & conversion.

4.  Provide resources & training, as applicable, to empower & support internal employee team.

5.  Communicate routinely & responsively.

6.  Lead by example, with high expectations of self, others & final outcome.

7.  Work from a platform of mutual respect & trust while maintaining professional boundaries.

My Goals

The goal of Diane Kubes Media is to support business owners and administrators with increasing visibility and promoting brand reputation to meet your business goals. I am equally passionate about inspiring leaders of excellence to empower and engage work teams, which leads to fulfilled teams & businesses that thrive! 

On-Site Training

I offer onsite group training on two topics of expertise:  management|leadership or online digital marketing. Both of these topics can be tailored to your agency needs. Inspiring and supporting new and inexperienced supervisors is rewarding, as they generally are excited, open to learning and walk away with new ideas and implementation plans. I also love to talk marketing with others motivated to learn effective strategy and proven techniques!  This is an agency investment typically leading to increased engagement and a vested commitment to the agency's success.  Call me today to discuss your agency's training needs.

Writing Services

I offer a variety of writing services to meet your business needs. Authentic, persuasive and intentional writing influences whether your audience feels like they know who you are, and thereby trust and like you. Click Below to Read More about the services available.  If you have a more specific need that is not identified, please Contact Me to discuss.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management takes time - your most precious commodity!  Use my marketing and copywriting education, graphics creativity and word talents, freeing you to address those other pressing tasks and demanding projects.  Let's discuss your social media marketing strategy and how I can help you improve your brand recognition to increase credibility and sales!  

Have other marketing needs?  Contact me to discuss your specific needs.

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