What I Do

I coach & support newly promoted and mid-level managers/supervisors to develop the confidence, competence, knowledge & mindset to become empathic leaders that inspire others to be engaged and empowered to contribute with initiative to the success of the team and the business’ mission. 

My Philosophy

I believe we are all on this earth with different God-given gifts. It is our individual duty to cultivate & use those gifts in service to others that makes the world a better place. This has guided my efforts in life, personally and in business.

My Methods

I listen. I provide actionable information you can implement and use – and strive to avoid overwhelm. I model professional presence, integrity, communication & approachability and empower you to assume ownership over your learning and growth. Together, we encourage confidence, increase knowledge, and build your competence as an inspiring leader.

Methods of Business
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My Goals

My goal and mission is to support new leaders who have been promoted to frontline or mid-level supervisory roles to have the confidence, knowledge and competence to inspire and empower their team members to be positively engaged contributors to the business’ mission. The long-term goal is to increase leadership excellence & team members’ satisfaction and enjoyment of their jobs and life – and this positive impact will have a exponential ripple of influence by improving their quality of life while contributing to the businesses’ success.

Leadership Starts with You - Challenge

This self-assessment challenge helps supervisors assess their existing skills and mindset, and offers an introductory framework to build their personal and leadership skills. It is the first step in the leadership development journey. This challenge offers an opportunity for leaders to take a pause and create space for self-analysis and improvement, both of which are key for growth.

Leadership Starts with You - Course

This is the next step in the leadership journey. This course is comprehensive and builds upon the framework introduced within the Challenge. Topics covered include Personal Development, Confidence and Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Leadership Dos and Don'ts, Performance Appraisals, Performance Goals, Constructive Feedback, Avoidance of Micro-Management and the value of Empowerment, Professional Presence and Integrity, and So Much MORE!

Leading with Confident Influence

This is a high-touch guided program lasting 6 months that provides personal coaching & guided practice implementing the new skills you are learning, so that when you are interacting with your team members, you can do so with confidence and skill. Skills implementation will vary based on individual needs, and will be tailored to what is requested and needed. In addition, the Leadership Starts with You! Course is included within this mentoring experience.

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