Onsite Leadership Training

Management/Supervisor Training

New managers and middle-management supervisors increase confidence, motivation and engagement through specific, actionable guidance addressing screening new talent, communicating effectively, setting and achieving goals, managing time and projects, and learning the soft skills that empower, motivate and problem solve solutions and engaged action.   You and I can tailor a training to meet your agency needs. At this time, this service is limited to an approximate 60 mile radius of the Twin Cities and/or Mankato, Minnesota. Contact me to discuss.

Empowered & Engaged Teams

Companies that invest in developing and engaging employees will increase retention, productivity and profitability. Understanding the parallel of creating engagement, innovation, creativity and motivation through enlightened and empowering leadership is key to employee satisfaction and retention.  Employing soft skills that demonstrate empathy and create likability, trust and respect are crucial to building a team that chooses to contribute to the agency goals.  My personal leadership style exercises these tenets, and the leadership training and coaching I provide incorporate these philosophies. Positive, purposeful and empowering leaders generally develop satisfied, engaged and innovative teams.  Investing in leadership development influences businesses’ organizational development and long term success because employees are typically most companies’ greatest asset.  Contact me to discuss a tailored training for your agency leadership team.

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