Trapped to Untapped Challenge

Business woman launches online business and marketing challenge.

Feeling Trapped? Build an Online Business Aligned with Your Life!

These 5 Days provide foundational pillars to online business success aligned to your life – your skills, talents, experience & time. It creates space for you to self-analyze your options, dive into ways to make money online, & look at project management to help you fit this into your busy life – whatever that may look like for you!

This challenge helps aspiring entrepreneurs to plan an online business that is aligned with their goals and their heart. It provides clarity, business option ideation, and project management suggestions so that you can fit this in with an existing corporate career – and/or while raising your family.  Traversing life can be like a tightrope – carefully stepping our way one day at a time!  Let’s explore another way of living, that meets your financial needs & goals, by creating a business that you design.  

There are many ways to make money online – this challenge helps you discover the one that is best aligned with you!

We will meet LIVE on a DAILY basis for 5 days!  To begin, you will complete a thought provoking, insightful entrepreneurship self-assessment as a pre-challenge exercise.

Then, each day we will  address one key online business pillar so that you can plan out a profitable online business with clarity and confidence. This challenge is not fluff!  I will share tips, strategies and resources that I have learned over ten years in the online space that will save you many hours and dollars that I invested. You will be provided a workbook to guide you through the week.  It does not require a lot of time, but it does require that you engage.

You will have the benefit of a private Facebook group to network with other aspiring entrepreneurs. It is an opportunity to share feedback, resources and overall support. Starting a business can be lonely and scary – but it does not have to be! Networking with and supporting others going through the same questions, doubts, challenges and fears is empowering & valuable!

The next challenge date will be scheduled soon – so enroll into the waiting list now to be notified when it opens!

P.S. Yes, sessions are recorded if you can’t make the daily live training session.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside and moving your business dreams and plans forward!

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