Writing Services


Effective copy writing builds trust with your customers by developing a relationship where they get to know you, what you value, and what your expertise will do for them.  That copy lets them see how their life will improve by using your services or products.  I offer a complementary consultation with you, to assess if your copy writing needs and my skills are a good match.  I am a Lurn Certified Copywriter.  If we agree to move forward, you will be provided a brief form to complete, so that I may begin.  I offer 2 edits following the draft submission, before the copy is finalized, to ensure your satisfaction. Contact me to further discuss your needs.

Freelance Writing

Having a blog or business newsletter can be difficult to keep up with, and sometimes having support to come up with headlines, research content ideas for an editorial calendar, or having corresponding text for social media posts would be helpful. Also, effective email nurture sequence funnels take time to write. Do you want to convey something meaningful to friends, family or business associates, but you struggle with finding the right words?  Let me help you! Perhaps it is a recognition or commendation letter or an article for a newsletter, and you want them to feel valued.   I love to play with words; let’s create some word magic you can be proud to share with others.  Contact me to discuss!

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