Leadership Course

leadership course

Leadership Starts with You!

Leadership development is a journey; expertise is gained through education, immersion, experience, modeling, mentoring and many other methods of knowledge combined with experential learning.

Topics covered include Personal Development, Confidence and Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Leadership Dos and Don’ts, Screening and Hiring Personnel, Training and Development, Performance Appraisals, Performance Goals, Constructive Feedback, Avoidance of Micro-Management and the value of Empowerment, Professional Presence and Integrity, and So Much MORE!

This is an online course offered to you when it is most convenient for you. Whether you choose to do this from home, in the evenings and on weekends on your personal time, or if you obtain your supervisor/CEO approval to purchase this and complete it on company time by setting up a weekly training plan to ensure completion – it is up to you! The flexible nature of the course enables you to fit this into your demanding role, which often comes with long hours (many that are unpredictable!) and other life challenges and commitments.

The course is broken into manageable Modules and Lessons that provide core information that you are able to absorb and then implement. Our goal is to avoid overwhelm & advance your leadership confidence and skills quickly and competently. As such, this course curriculum is available to you for 6 months. We don’t want you to buy the course, start it and then never follow through – which is quite common with many online courses. No! We want you to succeed! We want to hear of your successes! More importantly, it is our mission to increase the level of professional leadership across industries of all types, thereby increasing the job satisfaction of countless personnel who feel empowered, validated, engaged and inspired! This is not a lofty dream or goal – this is our vision and what has inspired the development of this course.

The course includes admission to a private Facebook group for course participants. Inside the group you will have the added value of networking with other leaders, sharing ideas, lifting one another up on those difficult days when your confidence starts to drag, sharing resources and building community with others on the same journey as you. I am active in this group as well and remain available for questions and support. Periodically, you will be provided added  training tutorials, printables and other resources in response to struggles, questions and concerns posed by you and other participants.

This course is self-paced, independent study – with the advantage of an added community for support, direction, clarification and validation when you want or need it.

Are you committed to your professional growth? Do you want to be a known as an inspiring, validating and effective leader?  Do you want to avoid years of trial and error, making mistakes and stumbling along the way?  Let’s face it – mistakes are valuable learning tools! Stumbling often cements our learning and helps prevent recurrence.  Mistakes are inevitable – we are human afterall.  Yet, wouldn’t it be nice to reduce the frequency of error, and isn’t there great value in being confident in your knowledge and skills to more quickly gain the respect and credibility with those you lead, and the stakeholders that you report to?  That is what this course aspires to provide to you!

If this sounds like a good match for you, you are invited to join our Wait List.  You will be one of the first to be notified when course admission opens up .  Join the Wait List below!

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